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Happy New Year from End Ecocide on Earth

Dear supporters, Happy New Year from the entire End Ecocide team!
2014 was a year of establishing our movement further:

- We expanded our movement globally and changed our name;
- We connected with many other initiatives, organizations and key players in the field of sustainable development and international legislation and policy;
- Our petition via the ECI tool continued to gain votes and will be introduced to the EP Petitions’ committee in February;
- We held a conference in Brussels to discuss the ecocide concept and ways to implement it at national, European and international level;
- We launched a booklet presenting the concept and our work;
- We have brought together many experts working on these issues and connected them with civil society;
And much much more...

Looking to the future we are determined to continue our work, expand, cooperate and engage with as many leaders, organizations, and global citizens as possible to create the needed conditions to establish the law of Ecocide and protect our Home. Although it is common to wish Happy New Year only for the coming year, we would like to present a different perspective, more relevant to our work and goals, looking at the long term, and so, we wish us all a great positive path towards a sustainable society and planet. Happy New Years!!

Hearing of our petition in the European Parliament

On February 26, 2015 our petition to End Ecocide in Europe will be discussed by the European Parliament. Therefore, none of the signatures on the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) will be lost. The same day the European Parliament will discuss how to improve the ECI - a good opportunity for us to demand better citizen engagement and tell our political leaders what needs to be done. Over 175,000 citizens from Europe and the world have already signed the petition - help us reach 200,000 by inviting all your friends and family to sign here !

Ecocide discussed at the European Environmental Bureau

On December 1st last year, Prisca, the initiator of the European Citizens' Initiative, presented End Ecocide at the 40th anniversary of the European Environmental Bureau, an umbrella organisation bringing together citizens' environmental organisations from all over Europe. All speakers there were united by advocating for necessary system change - however, it looks as if the new European leadership has taken a step backwards instead of the huge leap forward we need. That's why it's even more important that we show our convictions - for example through the petition to End Ecocide. Read Prisca's full article here.

Let’s change the system, not the climate!

As countries gathered to negotiate climate action at COP 20 in Lima, Peru - from the 1st to the 11th of December - thousands of climate activists took to the streets of Lima for a "March in Defense of Mother Earth." The march was part of the Peoples' Summit — a grassroots alternative to the UN climate summit simultaneously underway in the Peruvian capital. Marchers carried banners reading "Keep the oil in the ground," "Climate justice now," and "Don't let big business rule the world."

End Ecocide on Earth organized an event in Paris in support of the Peoples’ Summit on the 6th of December. We invited partner NGOs (Amazon Watch, Planete Amazone, NatureRights, Envol Vert) to present cases of ecocides and Human Rights violations in the Amazon caused by industrial activities like mines, mega-dams, oil extraction and pollution, intensive agriculture and farming, deforestation, land-grabbing… Each organisation then explained their campaigns and their solutions publicly. It was an occasion to mobilize and promote our global call for an international justice for the Earth and highlight the cases presented at the second International Rights of Nature Tribunal held in Lima the same day.

On December 13th, in the face of a disastrous Lima Outcome for local communities, their environments and the climate, many of the climate justice groups attending COP20 released a joint statement in response to what countries had agreed to, as well, setting our own agenda. Read it on our blog.

End Ecocide at the OSI Geneva Forum

The OSI (Objectif Sciences International) Forum at the UN headquarters in Geneva was the place where in mid-December Thomas, our team member from Austria, held a speech about the concept of ending ecocide in front of many well known eco-activists and UN ambassadors from several states like Ecuador, Austria, France, Germany, Afghanistan and many more. Together with the team of the ECI “Rights of Nature” we outlined the necessity of paradigm shifts in economy and society within the next years. Read more about the conference and see the videos of all speeches here.

Let us use this opportunity to remind that our work is totally based on volunteers and though many accomplishments can be achieved without financial resources, there are some things that we do need to buy, for example for the conference: materials, travel, insurance, food, room bookings…
If you feel you can also support our cause financially we would appreciate it greatly!

All details for donation here.

Your contribution can make a huge difference!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step / Elena Nikolovska

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu

I know using this quote is such a cliché, but it all started with this very same quote. And this is exactly how I feel right now, like I’ve walked a thousand miles. When I was asked to write an article about my journey to environmental activism, the first thing that came to my mind as I started to unwind everything was “it has been a long and tough road”. But, then just thinking of all the things I’ve learned along the way, the amazing people I’ve met and people I might have influenced- made it all seem so easy. And if I have to do it all over again I definitely would. (Read Elena’s full article here)

Ecocide in Israel

On December 3rd, 2014, 5 million liters of crude oil leaked around the southern part of the Negev Desert, from an oil pipeline that transports oil from the mediterranean to the Red sea. The oil contaminated the nearby Evrona Reserve and caused severe pollution. The Israeli Ministry for Environmental Protection estimated the disaster as one of the worst to ever occur in Israel.

This is not the first time that a leak occurs to the operating company of the pipeline, EAPC. According to the “Israel Union for Environmental Defense” in the past 6 years at least 6 further leaks took place and nothing has changed. The oil leaked from a new pipe under construction as part of Israel’s most southern city’s (Eilat) new airport. The estimated size of the damaged area is about 1000 Hectares, out of which 130 Hectares are covered with oil stains. Several dozens of Jordanian citizens had to be evacuated to the hospital due to shortness of breath from the oil vapor. Deers from the reserve and raptors are also under high risk. In addition, in light of the proximity to the Red Sea there is still risk that the oil will reach the sea, in case of rain in the area. Meanwhile the oil is being pumped out as much as possible although the recovery process could take years. A legal investigation was initiated by Israel’s “Green Police”. For more information check here.

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